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UNDER RESERVE: Low punches within PAN?

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Mexico City
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Low punches at PAN?

We are told that some conservative National Action Party (PAN) members close to Margarita Zavala were surprised when last Friday a group of people spoiled an event in San Luis Potosí. The group showed up close to the wife of former President Felipe Calderón with the cry of "Murderer!", since they hold her responsible for the fire at ABC daycare center in Sonora, to which the ex-first lady is connected through some of her relatives. In the Zavala team they point at collaborators of PAN president, Ricardo Anaya, as the ones responsible for spreading in social networks the video clips in which it can be seen how the aspirant to the presidential candidacy of the party has to leave the place before the expressions of rejection. We are told that first, they were supporters of far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA) who opposed freely, but then there were people were "activated" by PAN members related to the national leader to make the rejection more evident. Then came the avalanche in social networks, which seems to have Ricardo Anaya's signature, so we are told. Could the fight for the PAN presidential candidacy be so broken?

Armando Ahued uphill

Like few government officials, Health Secretary Armando Ahued has the respect of his boss and fellow cabinet members for his efficient performance. In particular, he is regarded as the father of the wonder social program of the current administration: “Doctor en casa” (Doctor at home). However, we are assured that this successful initiative and his permanence in the Ministry of Health during the last two governments is not enough for Mr. Armando to seek the leaders the of government. We are assured that both in the party as well as the capital's government they consider the possibility of the doctor being in the 2018 ballots “uphill”, since it's perceived as a really tough race against far-left National Regeneration Party (MORENA). The question is not whether the doctor is going to be a candidate or not, we are told, but when he will realize that he's not part of the game.

Crisis at the archdioceses

Complicated days are lived in the archdioceses of Mexico, because, what must have been a quiet process to relieve Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera in the archbishopric, became a crisis before the complaint received by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) for the alleged protection given to pedophile priests. If this were not enough, we are told, this week the church will have to face the arrival in the country of the international director of the congregation known as the "Light of the World", Naasón Joaquín García, who has snatched in a very short time almost 2 million followers and, according to National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) numbers, it takes away from Catholicism another 300 thousand followers each year. "The Brazilians" as the leaders of this group are known, already consider Mexico to be the most attractive "market of the faith" in the world and they assure that one out of three believers in the world is Mexican. Some experts wonder if the visit of Naasón Joaquin in the midst of a crisis in the Catholic Church is only a coincidence.

Ríos Piter's scissors

Who is looking for all the support he can get from young people in the race towards 2018, is Senator Armando Ríos Piter. We are told that after a diagnosis revealed showing the widespread discontent against some institutions, especially political parties, Mr. Armando has constructed two proposals that will be the focus of his speeches: to reduce the number of legislators and to cut down the salary of senators, deputies and high-level public officers 50 per cent; reduce the chamber to 300 deputies - there are  500 currently- and go from 128 to 64 senators. It will be necessary to see if using the scissors at the Congress works.


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