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American Idol season 15 auditions

The news was spread this morning by Katy Perry, judge on the new season
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The United States
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American Idol hit TV's and pop culture 15 years ago. In celebration of this anniversary, the contest show's producers announced the kick-off of auditions for the new season. The search will begin next Thursday, August 17, as confirmed by ABC network. said people who want to audition for the upcoming American Idol's season will have their chance since as auditions will be carried out in 19 cities across the country this summer!

ABC just announced the dates of the auditions for the reboot of the singing competition.

The news was spread this morning by Katy Perry, judge on the new season. “I’m so excited to be a part of the search for the next American Idol,” Katy said. “Auditions are open. So what are you waiting for? I want to hear from you! Head to for all the details”, the singer said

From the Latin perspective, participants have not done well on the show and since its Latin version was canceled 8 years ago, this might be the only chance this community has to become America's next big star.

American Idol will search throughout the nation in its pursuit of talent. Auditioning will be easier this time since the potential contestants will be able to submit their audition videos online or Instagram, Twitter or using the hashtag #TheNextIdol.

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