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Nudists against car traffic in Mexico

The World Naked Bike Ride Mexico Committee summoned people to ride in Mexico City, Michoacán, Jalisco and Puebla
Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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With the objective of joining more than 50 countries which will demonstrate against the use of cars, thousands of people will participate today in “Naked against car traffic.”

In a press conference, members of the World Naked Bike Ride Mexico Committee (WNBR MX), accompanied by two body paint bikers, commented that the tracks will be held in Mexico City, Michoacán, Puebla and Jalisco.

It was detailed that the group will start in the Monument to the Revolution at 12:00 hours, in that way Mexico will join more than 50 countries carrying out the event.

The goals of this movement are: questioning the excessive reliance on fossil fuel; demand respect for bikers and pedestrians; promote the use of transport of human locomotion; and uplift body force and individuality.

Ulises Velázquez, a member of WNBR MX, explained that they are “an international civil Committee concerned with environmental and cycling issues, looking for visibility as bike users.”

He added that “this movement was created by Vancouver artists in Canada, in 2003, when the first international ride took place” and Mexico joined in 2005.

He said that the people's response has been positive and until now it has occurred steadily and voluntarily.

The connection of the International Committee with WNBR MX, Juan Carlos Medrón, stated that the event has 2 dates: one in March in the Southern Hemisphere and the other on June 10 for the Northern Hemisphere.

This time, the issues of the ride will be the fight against pollution, the use of the bicycle as a clean means of transport, and the vulnerability of cyclists, “that is why the ride is performed naked.”


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