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Mexico City
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A strange message from AMLO

More than one noticed the message of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in yesterday's meeting, in which he accompanied the candidate of MORENA, Delfina Gómez, in Naucalpan, State of Mexico. He talked about what would happen if we were missing. He rephrased the ex-presidential representative, Manuel Clouthier by assuring: "There will always be a leader and that is what I can say". He promised that he will not betray his followers, and "if we fall or collapse while on the road" - We get back up! - interrupted the people's cry, but he continued - "right where we fall, we are going to stay, but always looking at the ideals of justice and democracy, because if we act like this, with rightfulness, others will come, because this is a story, the struggle for justice, without end, because new generations will come and they will continue fighting. Curious message yesterday, some might say.

The PAN's “mole” mystery

Yesterday a fight broke out among members of the National Action Party (PAN). Some accused others of having recorded and leaked the conversation last week during the National Council, which reveals the strong clash between former President, Felipe Caderón, and former Senator, Juan José Rodriguez Prats. On the one hand, they accused the Puebla councilors of having filtered the audio. Nevertheless, the people from Puebla not only denied it, but they accused the leadership headed by Ricardo Anaya of having betrayed the Council's meeting by recording and spreading the conversation. Although an internal investigation will determine the responsible, they point out to us that, the same as with crimes, it would be worth asking who benefited from all this. In this case, we are told that all the cost has been paid by former President Calderón, who is of course in the cause of his wife, Margarita Zavala, in the search for PAN's presidential candidacy. It is at least very curious that the "mole" specifically selected the part of the fight between Mr. Felipe and Mr. Juan José, when there was another, also very hard issue, when Calderón attacked Ricardo Anaya. Apparently, the recorder of the PAN's "mole" seems to have broken down right in that part. The fact is that only one group seems to be benefited from the leak so far. Could the "mole" be a part of that group?

First relief at the INAI, will it break?

Today, The National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) begins the registration period of applicants to succeed its current president, Ximena Puente. The registration ends the day after tomorrow, and we are told that Ms. Ximena and Commissioner Patricia Kurczyn met in order to file off rough edges. We know that with this meeting, they want to send a message that there are no differences and start a smooth relief. We are told that the main candidates are Kurczyn and Rosendoevgueni Monterrey Chepov. In the first case we are told that Patricia is supported in spheres of government that focuses on the Education and the Public Function Secretaries, while in the second, the link is with the chancellery and the Legal Counsel of the Presidency. Another candidate, Óscar Guerra, is seen to be more close to the left, especially MORENA. Mr. Óscar, however, bears a great negative tag; The failure of the National Transparency Platform. We are told that the 5 commissioners are expected to register, the other two are Francisco Acuña, linked to the PAN, and Joel Salas. For the definition next Friday, the negotiations that the government will carry out with the commissioners will count a lot.

Mexico City and the Dámasos

Yesterday the authorities of the capital had a second call about the presence of cartels in Mexico City, just days after he was detained in Colonia Anzures, Dámaso López, aka, "El Licenciado", who disputed "El Mayo" Zambada and the children of the captured Joaquin Guzmán Loera, El Chapo, the control of the Pacific Cartel. Two new federal operations in the city ended up with the arrest of 6 alleged members of the criminal organization, in addition, a hypothesis was built about the probable presence in the city of the son of Dámaso Lopez, Dámaso López Serrano, "The Mini Lic". The Attorney's General Office (PGR) has pointed out that Mexico City is the base for logistical operations and financing of this criminal group, however, the capital authorities assure that these bands use the city only as a crossing point. We know that, in the face of such obvious signs, it would be worth it if this issue were taken with a greater concern by the local law enforcement, especially to protect the police corporations from all that silver and led that this type of criminals delivers.



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