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Heavy hand on pipesuckers

OPINION: In the face of the recent riots, Mexico's government will have to strengthen measures against the Huachicoleros to prevent further complications
Mexico City
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The Pemex pipeline milking became a time bomb for the State and Federal governments. Thanks to the chain of omissions and/or complicities of multiple officials, mayors, governors and of the very federal authorities over several years, this slope of organized crime, which leaves lucrative profits, proved last Wednesday in Puebla - after an ambush of the pipesuckers to members of the army, with civil population as human shields and an outcome of four soldiers dead - to have surpassed our authorities in a worrisome way.

In the face of this, the death of these four soldiers at the hands of the Huachicoleros, must mark a turning point in determining that, due to being justified and necessary, force must be used against criminals, but always attached to protocols and with the sole objective of restoring peace and the Rule of Law in areas where they are being violated.

And it should be a watershed because what was seen on Wednesday in Palmarito Tochapan, municipality of QUECHOLAC, Puebla, where these coward pipesuckers used women and children to avoid the armed response of the military, sadly, proves that the level of social decomposition in some parts of the national territory has meant that the interest of certain criminal groups, in this case, the Huachicoleros, is also that of the majority or good part of the population of a town.

This, in addition to being serious because of the generalized culture of tolerance and criminal complicity that it hints at, exponentially complicates the fight against this illicit act because, the same as with drug trafficking, which benefits a long chain of people, the theft of fuel is an illegal source of livelihood for a large percentage of the population of many settlements.

The results of the coordinated operations between the federal governments of Puebla and the Secretary of National Defence (SEDENA), which the governor of Puebla, Antonio Gali Fayad detailed yesterday, will include three thousand military and state police elements with artillery and helicopter equipment. A positive thing is that the operatives will contemplate social programs to make the population see that the path of illegality is not correct and to realize that they are only being used by crime, as well as a program for schools in the region, to raise awareness among the younger population about Civics and Ethics.

And it should be in this last area, education, where our authorities must put more emphasis. Because by seizing fuel, stopping people or recovering stolen vehicles, they are only reducing the consequences and not the causes of the real problem.




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