Emmanuel Macron wins France 's presidential elections

Macron becomes one of France's youngest elected presidents according to exit polls with 65.1% of the votes
Photo: AFP
Inder Bugarin/Correspondent
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The candidate became France's elected president, defeating Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron, the candidate of the center of the movement In March (EM), became France's elected president this afternoon, after beating Marine Le Pen, the candidate of the National Front (FN), with 65.1% of the votes, while Le Pen, from the ultra right, had 34.9%, according to the first polls from the ballot booths.

Macron, aged 39, becomes this way one of the country's youngest presidents.

Since the first round, on May 23rd, the elections have made history since the candidates who advanced to the second round were not from any of the two traditional parties: the conservative and the socialist, whose candidates were relegated to the third and fifth place respectively.

According to the French daily, Le Monde, the rate of abstention for this Sunday was expected to be 25.3%.




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