Luciano Supervielle arrives in Mexico City

The Uruguayan musician explores and mixes rhythms in his “Suite para piano y pulso vedado”
Photo: Georgina Robledo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Uruguayan musician, composer and DJ Luciano Supervielle will perform in Mexico City his “Suite para piano y pulso vedado” (Suite for piano and restricted pulse.)

Luciano assembles a collection of piano pieces as protagonists, accompanied by hip hop; although the producer says it was risky, he is satisfied with the result.

“It is a solo disc, it is not related to other productions, but it is not far from what I have been looking for these years: having my own sound.”

Supervielle started his musical career in 1998, when his debut album came out as part of the group Plátano Macho, along with his friend Gabriel Casacuberta.

He went on tour in 2015, and the next year he began his career as a soloist, traveling to Europe and Latin America.

Concerning his new disc, he declares that it is not for dancing but keeps having an essence he has worked throughout his career.

“I am very surprised about the acceptance the disc has got, it was pretty risky combining these type of rhythms, but I am satisfied,” he added.

After his concerts in the cities of Monterrey and Guadalajara in Mexico, Luciano continues his promotion tour, today in the Zinci Jazz Club and on Saturday, June 3, in the Mexican Cultural Center in Texcoco, State of Mexico.



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