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UNDER RESERVE: Full Palmarito video

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Mexico City
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Full Palmarito Video

Under the protection and reservation of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) is the complete video of the events that occurred the first week of May in Palmarito, Puebla, where 10 people died, including four soldiers, during a confrontation between military elements and suspected huachicoleros. The images, they explain, contain the evidence for the delineation of responsibilities of the actions of one soldier in the alleged execution of one of the detainees. Being fundamental evidence, we are told, PGR must avoid at all costs that the video is spread throughout the media or social networks, as it would lose its validity and would kill the case involving, at least, 30 soldiers, elements of State Public Security Of Puebla as well as Pemex security personnel, who were ambushed by alleged criminals dedicated to stealing fuel.

Aristóteles and his zero-funding plan

Whom, in these days, would totally not win a popularity contest among political parties is governor of Jalisco, Aristóteles Sandoval. We are told that the Jalisco Congress, deputies of all factions, with the exception of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), left the negotiating table for the local political reform, facing the elections of 2018. The reason for the rupture of the talks is because, we are told, deputies do not want to eliminate resources to political parties in non-electoral years, as Mr. Aristóteles proposed. The governor's proposal is "zero funding" to parties, unacceptable measure for opposition groups and, in particular, for the executive board. Do not mess with our wallets, is what some legislators say to the governor of Jalisco.

Tarín is left on the bench

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) member, Antonio Enrique Tarín García, who was looking for the shield of immunity to evade justice for alleged acts of corruption in Chihuahua, and is now behind bars under trial, can rest easy: he will not be a federal deputy in functions. Tarín García, who was director of Acquisitions under the government of César Duarte, was the substitute of federal deputy Carlos Gerardo Hermosillo Arteaga, who died in a car accident last March. But when promoted, the spotlights and public accusations pursued him and frustrated his protest. And now, the Congress of Chihuahua requested that the Chamber of Deputies declares the Tenth Federal Electoral District vacant and calls for an election to assign that seat.

Justice model discussed

Given the possibility of the Legislative Power going to an extraordinary period to discuss the subject of the Attorney General's Office and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, it will be necessary to be aware of the results of the National Consultation on the model of Justice Procuring that Mexico needs, organized by several institutions and which starts today at the facilities of the National Institute of Criminal Sciences. We are told that it will begin with a thematic discussion table on Victims and Human Rights, which will include specialists from public and private institutions, as well as from civil society organizations. We were told that they will discuss the victims of crime and the role that the State should adopt, based on the accusatory criminal system. The consultation, which is convened by the Legal Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), CIDE and Inacipe itself, and who have also been joined by the Senate and Deputy Chambers, as well as ANUIES and other organizations, will be held in eight different cities of the Republic and in Mexico City. It will consist of eight thematic discussion tables and nine open forums, where proposals and lectures of academics, experts and general public will be presented.

***Photo: Image of the confrontation between military and pipesuckers (File/EL UNIVERSAL)


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