UNAM to create Interactive Museum of Language

The institution will contribute to expanding the knowledge of the languages spoken throughout Mexico
Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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The newspaper of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Gaceta UNAM, published an agreement about the creation of the Interactive Museum of Language (MIL.)

Among the reasons for considering the creation of this institution are that language is an intangible cultural heritage through which we form our society and the fact that the UNAM is a repository of the National Library.

In the agreement is stated the creation of the Interactive Museum of Language. Our Languages, Our Heritage, with affiliation to the Humanities Coordination.

The document notes that its objective is to contribute to the knowledge of the languages spoken in Mexico, as well as the cultural manifestations which have been created together with them and the written expressions of our language.

The MIL will have its premises in the ancient San Agustin Temple, located in the street República del Salvador no. 76, in the Historic Center of Mexico City. It will be in charge of various activities, such as exhibitions, the elaboration of conferences, courses, and workshops.

It will also elaborate books, television series, radio broadcasts, in addition to information services.

The Advisory Board will have an Executive Secretariat, the superior of which will be designated and dismissed freely by the Rector of the University and will hold the post for 4 years, with the option of running for an additional term after the end of the first one.


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