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Nahle brings AMLO the money

In a new video, we can see Cadena talking to a woman who comments that her "friends" are very interested in supporting López Obrador to become president
Mexico City
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Before the Low Chamber, Local Veracruz deputy, Eva Cadena, pointed out the coordinator of National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Rocío Nahle, as the "financial operator" of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, leader of the party, to raise money and destine it to the politician from Tabasco.

In a new video, of which EL UNIVERSAL owns a copy, Cadena, former candidate of MORENA to the mayoralty of Las Choapas, Veracruz, notes that it is Rocío Nahle who "brings the money to López Obrador."

In the video we can see Cadena, popularly known as "The Collector", talking to a woman, allegedly the one that appeared in the first video, who comments that, as she said last time, her "friends" are very interested in supporting López Obrador to become president and that they have 5 million pesos more to give him for his campaign.

On the other hand, when reached by EL UNIVERSAL, Rocío Nahle assured that Eva Cadena will have to prove her accusations.

She also demanded the identification of the person who appeared in the first video offering money to Cadena, because she affirms that he was sent by the Veracruz governor, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares.

Nahle says he never approached Cadena and also said that she has already been corrupted by Yunes Linares because she claimed to be in possession of a video where she, along with the mayor of Acayucan, receive instructions from Yunes Linares.

Last April 25, during the session of the Chamber of Deputies, in Tribune, the legislator Nahle had urged the legislators to find out who gave the money to Eva Cadena and its origin for the campaign of López Obrador.


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