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UNDER RESERVE: PRI candidate for 2018

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Mexico City
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PRI candidate for 2018

In just a few days we will know the results of the elections in the State of Mexico; Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Los Pinos have a deck of cards to look for the candidate for the presidency which will be reduced to only two or three names who will be given the instruction to start their race for the candidacy. The tricolor party and the federal government know that the competition is tight and that, more than ever, it is taking a lot of work to get votes and convince people. Whether PRI wins or loses the State of Mexico, we are told that the most revealing fact that these elections will show, and that will join other measures, is whether the annoyance of the electorate is with the party or the government itself. The strategy followed by PRI and the name of the candidate who seeks to succeed President Enrique Peña Nieto will depend a lot on the answer to that question. Will that spot be for a government functionary who is not close to the party, or for some party member who is not identified with the current government?

AMLO-Zepeda fight night

Not even the fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr against Saúl "Canelo" Alvarez - which turned out to be a fiasco - raised as much expectation as the battle that "Kid Peje", Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, and "Neza Coyote", Juan Zepeda will have this week. We are told that both fighters have already shown their teeth and a train clash is expected. AMLO is expected to take the initiative and disqualify Zepeda, linking him to the ruling powers. While the prodigal son of Neza will seek to accuse him of being responsible that there wasn't an alliance between Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and MORENA since the beginning of the battle. To start, yesterday he called AMLO a braggart and said that, to him, it means a challenge that López Obrador said that he will go to Nezahualcóyotl tomorrow for Zepeda's response to the ultimatum that the man from Tabasco threw last weekend for the PRD member to decline in favor of the candidate to the government of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez. Place your bets!

Zavala y Moreno try alliance with PRD

We are told that several people are surprised by the reaction of the National Action Party (PAN) candidate to the presidential candidacy, Margarita Zavala, to the joint announcement made by the president of the party, Ricardo Anaya, and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) national leader, Alejandra Barrales, about the possibility of to form an opposition bloc for the electoral process of 2018. We are told that there was confusion among the Calderonism supporters about the first reaction of Mrs. Margarita, whom they considered seemed comfortable with the message. We are told that to be sure, yesterday, the former first lady, wife of former president, Felipe Calderón, said that she does not agree on this alliance, that it upset her not being consulted by Anaya and considers that this is a maneuver that only benefits Anaya himself. On the other hand, another PAN member who apparently did not like the news is the former governor of Puebla and also aspirant to the presidential candidacy of the party, Rafael Moreno Valle, who said yesterday in Nayarit that before thinking about a broad front, In an alliance with PRD, they first have to know the course and the national project they are aiming at.

Tender for radio stations gets muddy

Today is the deadline for the winners of the radio tender to pay the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), chaired by commissioner Gabriel Contreras Saldívar, what they offered at the auction. However, after EL UNIVERSAL made public that TecnoRadio would have presumably failed to disclose their economic interest group, some winners do not think to pay what they offered, because they claim that TecnoRadio vitiated the whole process. So the tender gets muddy.



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