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The effect of Anaya's phrase

National and state militants of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), headed by Enrique Ochoa Reza, seem to be quite happy for the impact that a phrase of the National Action Party (PAN) candidate to the government of Coahuila, Guillermo Anaya, has had in the campaign. According to a poll made by the party of that entity, Mr. Guillermo has fallen between 5 and 6 points for that phrase made public a few days ago: "We are going to give pure chili to the women leaders of PRI." The members of the tricolor party presume that the advantage of the PRI candidate, Miguel Riquelme, now rounds the 12 points. With little more than two weeks to go before the election day, we are told, the PRI has dismissed Anaya as rude and despicable; there's where they have based their attacks against the PAN candidate. Now the blues begin to remember that Vicente Fox's phrase: "I can stop being rude, but PRI will never stop being corrupt". Wow!

Valdivia says goodbye to Colombia

Almost out the door of the Embassy of Mexico in Colombia is the diplomatic representative Arnulfo Valdivia, who in past years was part of the first circle of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Mr. Arnulfo announced in his social networks that he is leaving the Mexican delegation, which he has, of course, occupied since the beginning of the six-year term. But he will not do it right away, no way; he is taking his time. In the future, Valdivia will be dedicated to personal projects, and for the time being, he will continue in Colombian territory, where he has devoted himself to social life and sports. The important thing, we are told, is that the ambassador made very good bonds with the political and business class of Colombia.

Mexico – US Inter-Parliamentary Reunion

Some Mexican legislators, Victor Manuel Giorgana of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Agustín Basave of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), were very active in Washington this week. We are told that Giorgana and Basave had different meetings with the Mexican ambassador to the United States, Gerónimo Gutierrez, and with some US congressmen in the very heart of the United States Capitol. Both are in preparation for the Mexico-United States Inter-Parliamentary Reunion, scheduled for June 4th to 6th in Mexico City, which will serve as the start of talks for the renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement.

Noroña and the insidiousness

On Saturday, we made public that MORENA's leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, showed disdain for former federal deputy, Gerardo Fernandez Noroña, during an event of the MORENA candidate to the government of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez. Of course, there were no insidious acts, as Mr. Gerardo says, who also points out that he was insulted by the description of his rapprochement with Lopez. Of course, he also asserts that it was false that there was a disdain from Mr. Andrés. Well, we only narrated what happened: López Obrador received the book that Fernandez Noroña gave him and then he was relegated to the background. Does he really deny it? Of course, to him, everything is insidiousness and conspiracy, a product of the dark forces of the country.

***Photo: Guillermo Anaya, candidate to the government of Coahuila (FILE/EL UNIVERSAL)


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