20 | ENE | 2019
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US Senate invites former FBI director, James Comey, to testify

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The invitation comes after The New York Times unveiled a possible Donald Trump's obstruction of the FBI investigation on his campaign's ties with Rusia

The heads of the Intelligence Committee United States Senate invited the former director of the FBI, James Comey, to testify in public and in private before the commission for the investigation that he was conducting in order to determine the influence of Rusia over last year's elections.We should remind that Comey had already refused a previous invitation since he wished to declare in public and not in private.

The invitation comes after The New York Times unveiled yesterday the existence of a memorandum which shows, for the first time, “clear” efforts from President Donald Trump to obstruct the investigation that the FBI had opened on the alleged connections between his campaign and the Kremlin.

According to this information, Trump asked the then FBI Director, James Comey, to end the investigation on the ties of his former National Security adviser, Michael Flynn, with Rusia.

Last week, Comey was surprisingly removed by Trump, firstly because of his role in the investigation that he had carried out on the controversial use of emails from a private server by the former democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

After this official version, Trump said he had removed Comey because he was a “showboat” and the FBI had been a “mess” for a while.

Comey, by the way, has not responded to the second invitation to testify as of yet.


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