Mexico, one of the worst countries in journalist protection: SIP

The recent news about journalist murders have alerted the foreign media
Photo: Juan Carlos Reyes/EL UNIVERSAL
Diana Lastiri
Mexico City
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The assassinations of journalists in Mexico live in “total impunity” and it has become a major priority for authorities to urgently guarantee the freedom of expression and press, stated the president of the Inter-American Press Association (SIP), Matthew Sanders.

After the discussion table of analysis, Aggressions to Journalists, summoned by EL UNIVERSAL, Sanders expressed his concern on the situation of risk in Mexico.

“To SIP, it is unacceptable and cruel that these murders continue occurring with total impunity. We have talked a lot about the need for creating institutions and tools to protect journalists and fight impunity. This is a very difficult problem in Mexico, that journalists are threatened and don't feel protected or cannot raise their voice”, he stated.

“Mexico is one of the worst countries in the world in journalist protection matters, it's a very serious problem”.

The director of the International Center for Journalists, Jorge Luis Sierra, said that the murder of journalists represents a “huge damage to democracy” which hasn't been repaired or deeply repudiated and that the affectation in the future is incalculable. He also affirmed that the guild must come together to help the public understand the situation they are going through.

“Many groups in Washington have incorporated Mexico to their agenda, like the National Press Club, which gathers the main media groups that cover politics in the United States.

Hector de Mauleón, columnist of EL UNIVERSAL, underlined the necessity of establishing security protocols for those who cover risk zones in the country.

Magali Tercero, president of PEN Mexico, said that it is crucial to continue with the demands to end impunity. Julio Hernández, columnist of La Jornada, said he is afraid that the aggressions against journalists are part of a scheme to close the roads to democracy for the 2018 elections.



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