Huachicoleros: we know how the story goes

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Mexico City
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Huachicoleros: we know how the story goes

We have seen it for years. For example, in Ciudad Juárez, Michoacán, Sinaloa, and other cities and entities where crime has established its bases and federal forces have had to intervene, the famous "marches for peace" have been present. Now, after the anti-theft operation in Palmarito, Puebla, a demonstration was also called in favor of "peace" and also against the presence of the Army. We are told that, on Friday May 12th, residents of Palmarito marched demanding peace and respect after the federal operation against the theft of fuel on May 3rd, which ended with a total of 10 people dead, six civilians and four soldiers. Authorities assure us that they were surprised to see no relatives of the detainees or the deceased in such march. Some neighbors said that the demonstration was organized by Rigoberto Cervantes González, better known as Rigo, allegedly the second in command of the criminal organization of huachicoleros, led by Antonio Martínez, El Toñin, criminals who are, obviously, uncomfortable with presence of the military or of the police in the place. So, we know how that "march for peace" story goes.

Social program… stolen in Chiapas!

We have seen before that someone steals cable TV or the internet from their neighbor. But in Chiapas, they hit it out of the park. We are told that the government of that entity stole... a social program! The government of Michoacán registered in May 2016 the brand "Word of Woman" at the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property, for one of its social programs. However, a few days ago, the governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco, took advantage of a Mother's Day celebration to announce a program that he said will benefit 10,000 women with financing and credits to start a business of their own, and whose only endorsement will be their own word. Have you already guessed? Mr. Manuel named it "Palabra de Mujer", a trademark registered and owned by Micoacán.

AMLO and Delfina visit hot zone

The tour that the candidate of MORENA to the government of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez, begins today, has caused very high expectations. A serious and deep speech in matter of security is expected beyond offering scholarships and economic supports. We are told that party leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Mrs. Delfina have limited public safety proposals to social programs and calls to end violence. However, the reality of the population of Tejupilco and Zinacantepec - where both will go this Wednesday - is more complex: it is an area of the state considered "hot", as it is an inhospitable region disputed by drug gangs within the limits of Guerrero and Michoacán. Long story short, AMLO and the candidate are now entering a very hot zone.

Romero Hicks surprises PAN

Many open mouths and raised eyebrows left in many sectors of the National Action Party (PAN) the unveiling of Senator Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, who days ago raised his hand for the party's presidential candidacy. We are told that the raised hand of the former governor of Guanajuato surprised and broke with the myth that all former state presidents were in favor of former first lady, Margarita Zavala, who is also running for the presidential candidacy in 2018. In fact, we are told that the group of former president, Felipe Calderón, had Mr. Juan Carlos on the list of supporters, and his unveiling changes the picture of PAN's internal struggle and refreshes the conservative wing of the party.

***Photo: Protest against anti-theft operations (CUARTOSCURO.COM)




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