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At The Drive-In, together for good

After a long wait, the band visits Mexico City for the first time
Photo taken from Twitter
Mexico City
Humberto Montoya O.
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After 17 years of silence, At The Drive-In is releasing new material, and having this as the perfect excuse, they are getting ready to delight Mexico City tonight.

The band from El Paso, Texas, says they seek to recover those fans who have supported them through all these years, even when they formed other, also successful, projects, and that they wish to stay together for good.

After disbanding in 2001 and having recorded three very successful albums, Hajjar says that, even when his band mates founded The Mars Volta, the excitement of playing in Mexico City together for the first time is something fantastic and that they will perform songs from their new album Inter alia.

When asking him about the reasons for going back to the studio after more than a decade apart, he thinks and answers: “After the show in 2012, we got together in 2014 and started hanging out and writing again. In October 2015 Cedric called and asked me: What's it gonna take for you to be there? And I told him that everyone there would have to give their 110%. Then he answered, ok, let's do this. We spent all 2016 in the studio, released the album this 2017 and have a great tour ahead. We are totally committed to this”.

At The Drive-In will play tonight at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City.


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