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UNDER RESERVE: Anti-Huachicol plan

Mexico City
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Anti-huachicol plan

Just a few days ago, the federal government announced a battle to fight the huachicoleros, the mafias of fuel theft. The only member of the cabinet that has so far explained his participation is the Secretary of the Treasury Department, (SHCP) José Antonio Meade. We were reminded that he said how much this looting costs to the treasury arks - about 20 million pesos annually - and put a clue on the table: to operate, this criminal chain must have hands inside PEMEX that could be involved. Mr. José further believes that at least a dozen petrol stations are involved in the sale of stolen fuel and that there are flaws in all government orders to stop these illegal acts. In that regard, he committed to the Financial Intelligence Unit and all the tools of said Secretariat for the frontal fight against the huachicoleros. Just Friday, Meade changed his speech at a couple of inaugurations Banjercito branches in Tijuana and Hermosillo, to give his full support to the Secretary of National Defense, General Salvador, Cienfuegos, in the work against these criminal organizations

Ximena, in a different race

After having a taste of power in the presidency of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), and with the added value of having more political relations, Ximena Puente won't take long to leave the INAI. They assure us that the simple charge of commissioner is no longer enough to her and now she aims at the possibility of seeking a position of popular election, such as a seat in the next legislature of the Senate, or why not, run for the government of her state. In the worst case, we are told, Ms. Ximena will seek a representation of Mexico abroad. So is the former president of the transparency body doing these days.


One of the trade unions of the Exportadora de Sal company (Salt Exporter), belongs to the former Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC), led by Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senator Isaías González Cuevas, is now suing the Tax Administration System (SAT) for an alleged pending distribution of profit sharing between 2008 and 2013. We are told that it sounds very strange that the trade union organization has taken so much time to demand something that should flow year after year. Now, many questions arise: What does CROC want? Does it want to disappear the salt exporter? Does it seek to weaken it in order to privatize it? Or does it want to play the Japanese? The workers of the company tell us that they will look forward to putting the national interest in first place as well as the majority of their employees and their families.

Armoring the Senate

Last Thursday, the destruction of one of the glass doors of the Senate with firecrackers, during a social demonstration of the fathers of the 43 of Ayotzinapa, also broke the concept of a totally secure and armored legislative office. We are told that Parliamentary coordinators, Emilio Gamboa, Fernando Herrera (National Action Party, PAN), Manuel Bartlett (Work Party, PT), Dolores Padierna (Democratic Revolution Party, PRD) and Carlos Alberto Puente (Green Ecological Party, PVEM) will soon have to take measures to improve the protection of the legislative facilities. One of the proposals they should consider is to place armored glass doors. And we know that the cost-benefit ratio justifies them.

***Photo: Meade y Cienfuegos: (EDUARDO JARAMILLO. NOTIMEX)



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