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Anti-traffic ticket system debunked

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"Anti-traffic ticket system"
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A huge slap on the wrist was the one that the team of the parliamentary coordinator of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortés, received for installing an “ant-traffic ticket system” to the congressman's car.

As we made public yesterday, the legislator drives around Mexico City with half of his license plate covered with a piece of cardboard and only the letter M and the number 55 are visible, leaving the rest (AHS) completely hidden.

After Mr. Marko's little trick came to light, the administrative director of PAN, Omar Francisco Gudiño, wrote a letter in which he said that he “wasn't aware” of the situation and that he didn't have any information whatsoever about the tickets that the car had been given.

And, of course, he gave instructions so this kind of practices stop right away, “because they are truly reprehensible acts”.

Is the cardboard gone by now?



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