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The XX comes back to Mexico City

The band took the opportunity to announce their participation in Corona Capital music Festival on November this year
Photo: Lulú Urdapilleta/OCESA
Mexico City
Daniela Peña
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Spring welcomed British indie pop band The XX with a live performance in the recently inaugurated Pabellón Cuervo (Crow Pavillion) in Mexico City, yesterday evening.

The band took the opportunity to announce their participation in Corona Capital Music Festival, in Mexico City, in November this year, to an audience of over 3,500 that cheered the Englishmen as they played in a colorful and lively setting.

Jamie, Romy and Oliver took the stage with Say something loving from their latest album released January this year, I see you. Songs from their first album, XX, were also part of a show with Crystalised and Island. An excited fan base echoed Sunset, Brave for you and Dangerous after chanting the Mexican famous welcoming call “olé, óolé, olé, The XX, The XX!

The climax of the show came with On Hold, released in November last year as the first single and sample of their album I see you.

Oliver addressed the audience saying how much they had missed Mexico and noting the incredible vibe of the venue. After performing Intro, he added: “There’s no exaggeration at all, you’ve been the best audience we’ve had since we went on tour; thank you. I’m probably gonna get in trouble for saying it, but we’re going to be back in November for Corona Capital. I’m going to say, lots of love for Milko, who played with us today, we love you.”

The band concluded their show with Angels amidst the audience’s loud round of applause.



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