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Mexican made to measure shirts wore by celebrities and workmen alike
A shirt featuring the legend "Made in Mexico with Love" by clothing confection brand MAAUAD - Photo: Taken from Facebook
Hidalgo, Mexico
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Camisas Finas de Hidalgo S.A. de C.V. (Fine Collared Shirts of Hidalgo) is a Mexican clothing confection company based in the central eastern state of Hidalgo, which started operations back in 1949 and is currently under the leadership of family patriarch, David Maauad, the man in charge of a 10,000 sqm industrial plant, which houses a 500 people labor force, located in Metropolitan Industrial Park of Mineral de la Reforma municipality.

From Libanese descent, the Maauad Pontón family is the third generation of tailors, descendants of José Maauad Name, a Lebanese immigrant that arrived to Mexico at age eleven.


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The company has managed to offer a diversified domestic and international product portfolio through its MAAUAD, TEXIN and CAMISAS FINAS DE HIDALGO brands in the light of fierce competition with Asian clothing confection companies.

Head of Design, Mariana Maauad Pontón, explains the company’s most recent venture, MAAUAD, a five year old project focused on the fitting and tailoring of men’s shirts using Italian, Swiss and English fabrics that suit the clients needs in terms of everyday use, style and quality, “We create bespoken shirts and guayaberas* with traditional embroidery by working alongside artisans of the state of Hidalgo under fair trade schemes, using traditional embroidery techniques such as pepenado**, tenango*** and cross stitching.”, notes Mariana Maauad.

She adds that the artisans come from indigenous communities of Tenango de Doria, Santa Catarina and San Antonio Sabanilla in Hidalgo. MAAUAD’s bespoken tailored shirts for men range from USD$153 to USD$204.

CAMISAS FINAS DE HIDALGO is a brand that supplies the Mexican domestic market as well as the local corporate market of no-risk uniforms for the manufacturing and tourism industries, among others.

TEXIN is the company’s brand in charge of manufacturing personal protective clothing, by using Dupont and Lenard fabrics which are flame resistant and require a high degree of specialization for their tailoring. The brand commercial targets are fire-fighters, people working in gas stations, refineries, car racing and people working in other life risking professions of the sort. TEXIN products have been exported to Canada and the U.S. since the mid-nineties, with the arrival of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), explains family patriarch David Maauad, “We export 75% of our production. A year after the NAFTA came into force in 1995, we went from a labor force of 120 employees to 1,100. However, the peso depreciation of the year 2000 forced us to cut our labor force in half.”

Maauad considers that NAFTA will not dissappear, but would have some of its regulations changed, instead.

Some of the company’s clients have included Spanish pop-icon, Miguel Bosé and Argentinian soccer-star Lionel Messi.

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*A men’s shirt popular in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Africa

**Ancestral embroidery technique of Otomí heritage consisting in folding a cotton cloth with lively threads

***Otomí embroidery technique native of the state of Hidalgo with multiple figurative elements arranged in a geometric pattern


With information from Dinorath Mota, correspondent


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