Shayne Skov back in Mexico City for DAC 2017

“This is about bringing people I trust as players and as role models for a potential Mexican footballer or sportsman. These are humble quality people.”
Photo: Interview screenshot /EL UNIVERSAL
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American football linebacker for the San Francisco 49rs, Shayne Skov, is back in Mexico City to deliver the third edition of his football camp Diviertete, Aprende y Convive (DAC) with Shayne Skov and friends, which translates into Have Fun, Learn and Co-exist.

This yearly effort brings together five top NFL players, including a two-time Superbowl champion. The camp intends to inspire young people in the Mexican football leagues to pursue an NFL career through the values of discipline, effort, and sportsmanship, as well as to deliver a first-hand account of Skov’s and Friends experiences in their path to NFL success.

“First you have to be the best player in your school. Step by step. It’s good to have a plan even for the simplest things. You'll see the sum of your efforts after you achieve each of the simplest goals you have set for yourself.”, said Skov in an interview for EL UNIVERSAL Thursday night.

Shayne Skov will be joined by brother Patrick Skov, fullback for the Cleveland Browns, Kiko Alonso, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Michael Wilhoite, linebacker for the San Francisco 49rs and two-time Superbowl champ Cameron Fleming, offensive tackle for the New England Patriots for this year’s edition of DAC, which will take place on February 24, 25, 26 in Mexico City and March 4 and 5 in Cancún in southeastern Mexico.

For Skov it is important to bring both talent and inspiration to DAC’s third edition, “This is about bringing people I trust as players and as role models for a potential Mexican footballer or sportsman. These are humble quality people.”

Cameron Fleming considers that NFL official games held in Mexico City are good for football as “It’s definitely a growing sport in Mexico City”. For his part, Michael Wilhoite wants to make the most of his first-time visit to Mexico, “I see (DAC) as a learning experience; this whole trip will be a learning experience. I’m just looking to learn from it. I just look forward to learning it from the differences in cultures, the way they communicate, and teaching them (the kids) what I know and hopefully they’ll learn something from me.”

Shayne Skov wants to bring an encouraging message for all children playing in the Mexican football leagues: “Sacrifice. Personal sacrifice and that of the people that have supported you. Above all, you have to be committed to this lifestyle and stay focused all 365 days of the year in terms of becoming an athlete.”

“Football demands the best from you both mentally and physically.”, he added.

Both Fleming and Skov found time to comment on their views on Trump administration in simple and clear terms,“He has some very strong stances that I don’t think represent America as a whole.”, said Fleming.

While for Skov, it is important for people in Mexico to know that the U.S. is not a single person: “The only message that the (Mexican) audience must receive is that most of the U.S. population dissents with Trump’s decisions in terms of immigration and other political issues as attested by the recent civil protests. These are difficult times for the U.S., but I would like people in Mexico to understand that Donald Trump does not fully represent the opinions of the people of the U.S.”


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