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President Peña Nieto congratuales president-elect of Germany

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The Mexican president expressed the country’s intention to “strenghten ties of friendship” with Germany in his twitter account

Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, congratulated Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, former German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over his appointment as president of Germany earlier today.

President Peña expressed Mexico’s intention to “strenghten ties of friendship” with Germany in his twitter account: “I congratulate Dr. Frank-Wlater Steinmeier for his appointment as president of the Federal Republic of Germany”, in a second tweet he added: “I reiterate president-elect Steinmeier Mexico’s global commitment to further strenghten ties of friendship with Germany”.

Steinmeier was elected in Berlin by the ovewhelming mayority of 630 members of the Lower Chamber of Germany’s parliament. He sent a message of hope his acceptance speech: “Let us be brave, we do not have to be fearful of the future”, he added, “Isn’t it wonderful that this Germany, our difficult nation, has become a light of hope for so many people around the world”.

For her part, German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, congratulated Steinmeier and noted that she had no question that he would be an excellent president, who will have the support of the great mayority of the German people, she added that “this was a good day for Germany”.

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