Group hurls rotten tomatoes at Mexican congressmen

The group says they will continue hurling tomatoes at lawmakers until they return a massive and secret year-end bonus they awarded themselves in December.
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Gerardo Suárez
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A group of people threw rotten tomatoes at several congressmen of Mexico's ruling party, the PRI, which included the PRI's legislative coordinator, César Camacho.

Ex congressman Arne Aus den Ruthen was among those who hurled the tomatoes at the lawmakers. He served as a legislator from 1997-2000 with the PAN party.

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The Twitter account @JitomatazoMx took responsibility for the attack and claimed they did so in protest against a massive year-end bonus the congressman awarded themselves in December. They've also gone on to "nominate" several congressmen and say they will continue attacking the public officials until they return the bonus.

Shortly after the incident, César Camacho tweeted that he would be pressing charges against those involved in the incident, including ex-congressman Arne Aus den Ruthen.


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