9 interesting facts about Playa del Carmen and the Blue Parrot

The Blue Parrot has hosted many of the biggest DJs from around the world for two decades.
Photo: BPM Festival
Playa del Carmen
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1. The BPM Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and attracts people from around the world.

2. BPM is a ten day and night music festival that gathers Djs and producers from around the world.

3. A three-day pass to the festival runs 395 dollars, plus service charges.

4.The Blue Parrot is a famous nightclub and beachclub that opened two decades ago. Since opening its doors, Blue Parrot has gone on to become one of the hottest spots in Playa del Carmen among tourists.

5. Local and international Djs play electronic music from Wednesday to Saturday. The beachclub opens daily.

6. The Blue Parrot brand includes a beachfront hotel called The Blue Parrot Fifth Avenue, which opened 30 years ago.

7. The Blue Parrot Beach Club wasn't the only place where The BPM Festival was held. Other locations included La Santanera, Martina Beach Club, Salón Salsanera, Canibal Royal and Patio 8.

8. Playa del Carmen is the Mayan Riviera's go to destination for nightlife, restaurants and shopping.

9. The city of Playa del Carmen was founded in 1937.

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