Mexicans crossing U.S. border to fill up their tanks

High prices and the closing of over 100 gas stations in Mexico have led to many Mexicans crossing the U.S. border to fill up their tanks.
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Noé Cruz Serrano
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High prices and the temporary closing of around 130 gas stations in Mexico's northern border zone has led to many Mexicans crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to fill their tanks at lower prices, according to the president of Mexico's National Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies (Onexpo), José Angel García Elizondo.

According to José Angel, in certain areas such as Mexicali and Rosarito in the northern state of Baja California, 7 out of every 10 liters of gas consumed by Mexicans were purchased across the border in the U.S., which is not only affecting gasoline stations but also the state treasury, since revenue and fuel taxes are being spent on the U.S. market instead of Mexico's.

He also said that authorities have witnessed many Mexicans filling up portable tanks across the border and then selling it to locals in Mexico at lower prices, which is only exasperating problems.

To make matters worse, José Angel admits that there may be a new gas price hike in February, due to certain factors such as higher international prices and a weak Mexican peso.

However, he said it'd be irresponsible for him to give an exact amount and that we'll just have to wait for Mexico's Finance Ministry to decide on the new price hike.

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