Alleged 'straw-man' for ex-governor Duarte under investigation in Spain

Moisés Mansur amassed a fortune of 7.2 million dollars, three multi-million dollar homes, an estate and a 260 acre ranch between 2006 and 2014.
Ex-governor of Veracruz Javier Duarte has been on the run since October. (Photo: EL UNIVERSAL Archives)
Jerónimo Andreu | Correspondent
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The entrepreneur Moisés Mansur Cysneiros, an alleged straw man for Javier Duarte de Ochoa, ex-governor of the state of Veracruz who's been on the run since October, amassed a fortune between 2006 and 2014 of 7.2 million dollars, three homes (one in Spain), an estate and a 260 acre ranch.

Mansur reported total earnings of 1.4 million dollars in his 2011 tax returns, on which he paid 412 thousand in personal income tax, according to the Spanish newspaper El País. He's currently under investigation in Spain for aiding Javier Duarte to conceal assets owned by the latter.

In 2014, the ex-governor's confidant acquired a 4,330 square-foot luxury apartment through a holding company in one of Spain's most exclusive neighborhoods for 4.2 million dollars.

These properties are yet a few more in a long list of luxury properties that are believed to be tied to Duarte de Ochoa either through straw-men schemes or other companies.

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