25 | MAY | 2019
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Cabify launches helicopter service in Mexico City

Mexico City
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The 10 minute flight will be shared by five people and cost USD 95.

Cabify launches its helicopter shuttle service in Mexico City, with flights between the city's airport and the upscale Polanco neighborhood as the first stage in the service. The company plans on launching new routes to the Santa Fe business district, Querétaro, Cuernavaca and Puebla in the near future.

The director of the company's Mexican subsidiary, Ricardo Weder, said that the 10 minute flight will be shared by five people and cost USD 95.

He also said that the service is aimed at improving transportation for corporate employees, executives and businessmen.

At a press conference, Weder said that he wants to put an end to the idea that only the very wealthy can afford helicopter rides and, since it is a brand new market, the company expects the service to be well received, with additional routes being announced within a month and a half.

The flights will be operated by the company Helitour, and will consist of an initial three helicopters. Weder said that thanks to the alliance between Cabify and Helitour and the implementation of Cabify's ride-share model, the company will be able to reach more people and cut costs dramatically for individual users, since renting a helicopter for one hour costs around USD 2,200.


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