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Chivas returns to form before Tigres

The 'Sacred Herd' gets a 2-2 tie as visitors.
Raúl López brought Chivas back to shape. (Photo: Imago7)
Monterrey, Nuevo León
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With a couple of goals, Chivas Guadalajara demonstrated that it is returning into shape, even if it was just able to score at 2-2 at home against the Tigres Nuevo León. But even if the result is important, it's not enough to allow the team to leave the bottom of the rankings.

The Tigres did not do better actually because they had the chance to keep Chivas down with a score of 2-0, but Jesús Dueñas made a costly mistake when he hurt Carlos Salcido, and Guadalajara was able to impose itself over a team with just 10 players on the field.

Juninho had to leave the game due to some problems just 19 minutes into the match, and Antonio Briseño opens the score at 31 with a headshot.

André Pierre Gignac got the second goal just seconds before the end of the first half, with Tigres seemingly poised to win.

And that was when Dueñas blew it all with his coming-too-strongly over Salcido at 54, with Raúl López scoring the penalty shot for Chivas.

Michel Vázquez got the second goal for Guadalajara on the 81 and the Tigres were unable to rescue the game.

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