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Óscar Montes leaves the jail

He is expected to be back in the State of Mexico.
He will meet with the head of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Jorge Olvera. (Photo: @OscarEsInocente)
Newsroom / Mexico City
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Óscar Alvaro Montes de Oca, the young graduate from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) who was incarcerated in a federal prison in Nayarit for allegedly carrying 44 pounds of cocaine, was released this morning.

Yesterday, a federal judge ordered the freedom of the young man, who was defended legally and through social networks by his family, friends, the UAEM and the government of the State of Mexico.

His parents traveled to Nayarit in order to receive their child and return home.

In this regard, the young man's father said that he will not seek legal action against the authorities, nor against the airline for having changed his luggage when he arrived from Argentina, with scales in Peru and Colombia.

It is expected Óscar's return to the State of Mexico in the afternoon, in order to meet with the rector of the UAEM, Jorge Olvera.

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