27 | MAY | 2019
He spoke to media at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. (Photo: Jorge Alvarado)

Hell lasted for seven days: Óscar Montes

María Teresa Montaño
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The young man looks listless and walks with difficulties.

Óscar Montes, who was arrested last Friday in the airport of Mexico City for allegedly transporting 44 pounds of cocaine, regretted that for Mexican justice "we are all suspects until proven innocent."

In a press conference at the premises of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), Montes was thankful that his personal hell did not last more than seven days.

The young man came out of prison today after the Office of the Attorney General desisted from any criminal action against him.

After being subjected to a routine medical examination, Oscar arrived at the UAEM for his encounter with media. He was wearing jeans and a green jacket provided by the University, and appeared listless and walking with difficulty.

In the living room hosting the press conference, the young man was accompanied by his parents, Óscar and Adriana, as well as other relatives and friends.

Afterwards, Óscar travelled to Mexico City, on board a private jet provided by the government of the State of Mexico.


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