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His escorts repelled the aggression. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Federal lawmaker ambushed in Oaxaca

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Samuel Gurrión Matías was unhurt

Federal lawmaker Samuel Gurrión Matías reported that he was ambushed Tuesday on one of the federal highways of his native state of Oaxaca, but was unhurt thanks to his security team.

Gurrión Matías, from the ruling Revolutionary Institutional Party, was on the way to the municipality of Santo Domingo Morelos for the inauguration of a roofed court and found the ambush on the way back.

At the end of a curve, the two vans on which they were traveling, one transporting the lawmaker and the other his security team, found a group of armed men. Upon realizing the ambush, the vans began to race in reverse, but the armed men opened fire on the convoy.

However, nobody was injured in the incident.

According to the lawmaker team, his escorts repelled the aggression.

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