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Colombia stops drug shipment to Mexico

The guerrilla group FARC wanted to send it to the Sinaloa Cartel
The army seized a quarter of a ton of cocaine. (Photo: EFE)
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The Colombian Army reported on Monday the seizure of 573 pounds of cocaine in the southwest, reportedly coming from the guerrilla group FARC and just about to be sent to Mexico.

According to general Luis Fernando Rojas, Commander of the Task Force Pegasus, the drug was seized in the municipality of Pupiales in the Narino department, southwest of Bogota.

"The drug was in a cove ... and it was ready to be sent in a boat to Mexico, to their international cartels, especially the Sinaloa cartel," said the high official in a telephone interview with the Associated Press. One person was arrested.

The haul, which apparently belonged to the Front 48 of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, was found between Saturday night and Sunday. They also found 92 pounds of cannabis.

The cocaine alone is worth more than US$524,000.

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