17 | JUN | 2019
Fabio Santos debuted in Mexico. (Photo: Imago7)

Cruz Azul defeats Chivas at the Omnilife

César Huerta
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The visitors got a 1-0 victory.

Maybe it has 32 weeks to react and improve, but Chivas Guadalajara is facing today an opprobrious defeat at home in the hands of Cruz Azul, by a score of 1-0 that sent the team to the bottom of the rankings.

Fabio Santos had a very fortunate debut in Mexican soccer on the 68 minute, scoring the lonely goal of the game. The circumstances could not be worse for Chivas, or better for him. He scored with a head shot, with nobody to put pressure on him and Antonio Rodríguez unable to stop the ball.

The whole Omnilife Stadium is in shock.

In the end, Chivas falls for the second time in the Apertura 2015 tournament. There are still more games ahead, but the smell of tragedy pollutes everything. And the menace of relegation from last season is still lingering.

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