Trump's hotel being built by workers who admit coming to U.S. 'illegally'

According to a report by the Washington Post, the US$ 200 million project in Washington D.C. is being built by many laborers who arrived to the U.S. illegally.
The hotel will be located in the Old Post Office (Photo:AP)
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Donald Trump's latest construction project in Washington D.C. is being built by laborers, some of whom admitted to crossing the U.S. border illegally, according to a report by the Washington Post.

The newspaper said Trump's US$200 million project, "could be in the hands of some undocumented workers."

"Do you think that when we're hanging out there from the eighth floor that we're raping or selling drugs?" Ramón Álvarez, 48, an El Salvadoran window worker told The Washington Post. "We're risking our lives and our health," he added. "A lot of the chemicals we deal with are toxic."

Iván Arellano, 29, who arrived from Mexico as an undocumented worker and now has legal status, said that most of the workers are Hispanics, and many of them came illegally and now they're working very hard to build a better life for their families.

Lend Lease, the principal contractor for the latest Trump project, is responsible for following immigration laws, The Trump Organization said.

"That company is Lend Lease. They then go out and employ subcontractors to work for them. The obligation to check all workers on site is exclusive to Lend Lease. This, of course, assumes that the assertion regarding the employees' status is accurate."

Weeks ago, Trump said during his presidential announcement speech, that Mexican immigrants were "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists."

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