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George Pataki challenges Trump

He invites him to a debate on immigration without insults.
George Pataki has been critical of Trump's comments about immigrants in the U.S. (PHOTO: AP)
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George Pataki, former governor of New York and another one of the seekers of the Republican presidential nomination, issued a challenge to Donald Trump to debate “mano a mano” about immigration.

While at a press conference in New Hampshire, Pataki said that he would like to debate Trump on the subject, far from the insults and name calling he used in his previous comments about Mexican immigrants.

"I would be delighted to have a debate with Donald Trump on this issue, and Donald, let me tell you right now I am willing to debate you here in New Hampshire, mano a mano, anytime on the issue of immigration and pit your ideas against my solutions. I hope you say, 'yes,'" said Pataki.

"We have to have an intelligent policy debate. It's not about a soundbite. It's not about denigrating people," said Pataki. "There's not such thing as a perfect solution. But after years and years of ignoring this and talking in political soundbites its time for pragmatic solutions that work."

Pataki has been very critical of Trump's comments about immigrants, called "rapists" and "criminals" by the tycoon.

"I do worry when one of the leading people in the polls for my party's presidential position takes a position that is so completely abhorrent to what I believe," said Pataki of Trump, who ranked second only to Jeb Bush in a recent CNN/ORC poll.

"I share the frustration, yes I think he has tapped into a chord of people who do not want to see millions of people come here illegally, but that does not justify demonizing an entire group of people," said Pataki, who barely registers support in recent polling.

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