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Bodies found in Zamora, Michoacán

The bodies have not been identified and were taken to the morgue.
Dalia Martínez / Michoacán
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The Office of the Attorney of the State of Michoacán reported the discovery of four bodies, two of them females, presumably victims of criminals.

The local Citizen Force reported the discovery around noon in the nearby area of El Pochote-Ario de Rayón.

The victims have not been identified and were taken to the morgue of Zamora, where they will remain until someone comes to reclaim them.

Since last Friday, Michoacán has been shaken by a new wave of violence. That day, the border between the municipalities of Zamora and Jacona saw a combat between armored civilians and the Federal Police, ending with three killed, two of them civilians and the other a police officer.

The authorities also arrested two presumed criminals.

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