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Benfica 4, America 3 in penalty shots

Both teams were unable to score on regular time.
Newsroom / Mexico City
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Aguilas America was unable to do something other than keeping visitors Benfica from scoring in regular time, and was finally defeated in penalty shots by a score of 4-0 in the International Champions Cup.

America seemed lacking on the field, at least enough to score on its own turf while also keeping the visitors from doing so.

Benfica on the other hand seemed not willing to give a 100%, but was able to give the locals a scare on the 16 minute, when Jonas tried a penalty shot, which ended in the hands of Moisés Muñoz.

Besides that, the game had no really dangerous situations, and to say that it was boring for the 4.000 fans gathered in the Azteca would be to put it mildly.

The game had to go to the penalty shots in the end, and that was when things started to get hairy for both teams.

Rodriguez, Nuno Santos, Samaris and Bryan Cristante scored for the visitors. Nico was the only Benfica player who failed his shot.

Martín Zúñiga, Adrián Marín and Bryan Colula scored for America, while Rosel and Osvaldo Martínez failed and sealed the destiny of the locals.

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