21 | ABR | 2019
'Piojo' apologized with everyone, outside and inside soccer. (Photo: Imago7)

Herrera apologizes for his behaviour

Newsroom / Mexico City
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The former coach presented a press release

The former coach of the national soccer team, Miguel Herrera, presented a press release where he apologizes to the fans, players, soccer authorities and media for his attitude last Monday, when he attacked sports commentator Cristian Martinoli in the Airport of Filadelfia.

The man known as "Piojo" said that even in light of the "positive results" attained by "El Tri" he will accept the decision of the soccer authorities and leave his position.

"I hereby address you for what happened during the last few hours.

"I want to apologize publicly to the fans, the technical team, the players, the Mexican Soccer Federation, authorities and media for my conduct during the regrettable incident I had with a commentator.

"It's clear to me that such is not a suitable attitude for the coach of the Mexican soccer team, even after all the critiques, insults and jokes against my family and myself.

"To the great Mexican fans, I thank them for all the support during my time as national coach, as well as to the FMF for the support during my mandate. I understand that the decision is already taken and I comply," expresses Herrera.



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