"Legalizing marijuana is a good option": Fher

Maná's singer considers that marijuana damages the body less than alcohol.
(Photo: Archive / EL UNIVERSAL)
El País Uruguay
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"Uruguay is an exemplary country with good people. I loved that Pepe (Mújica, former president of Uruguay) legalized marijuana, I think there is no other way," Maná's singer Fher Olvera said.

"I do not think smoking marijuana is the best, but alcohol is much worse, I'm sure about that! Because I've drank and I've smoked marijuana, and alcohol damages the body much more" than weed, he explained.

"If there is no way to stop drug trafficking -there is no way, we Mexicans know it- legalizing marijuana is a good option, because 80% of drug trafficking is marijuana, so that would solve an important part" of it,  he added.


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