March against equal marriage in Guadalajara

The demonstrators are against the ruling of the Supreme Court.
They are demanding the local Congress to not make any changes to the state civil codes. (PHOTO: Jorge Alberto Mendoza)
Raúl Torres / Guadalajara, Jalisco
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Around three thousand people marched this afternoon from the Minerva roundabout to the Avenida Chapultepec, to ask that the Congress of Jalisco go against the Supreme Court of Justice in regard to the equal marriage, keeping the state civil code without change.

The demonstration was organized by the organization Jalisco Unido por los Niños (Jalisco United for the Children) organization, demanding respect to the right of children to have a family consisting of a man and a woman.

In addition, the organization, linked to the Catholic hierarchy in the state, assumes that if Congress legislates in favor of equal marriage the issue will have to be addressed in schools, which from their perspective is not right.

Ironically, people assuming that the group supported gay rights also attended the protest, carrying banners with legends like "He said love one another, not judge one another."

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