22 | MAY | 2019
The local church is waiting for the remains of the singer. (Photo: Armando Martínez/EL UNIVERSAL)

Juliantla waits for Joan Sebastian

Julian Miranda
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A mass will be performed at his town of birth.

The people here in the town where singer Joan Sebastian was born are getting ready to receive him, four days after his death.

A mass is prepared at noon in the church of this community in the municipality of Taxco, north of Guerrero.

The family of the winner of most Latin Grammy awards have said that after the church receives the singer's remains, there will be taken to Taxco for a parade.

People here in the ancestral lands of the Figueroa family are overwhelmed by a mixture of happiness and sadness. There are some who cry for the death of the maximum celebrity ever to be born in the town while at the same time they are happy for the end of Joan Sebastian's painful fight against cancer.

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