WhatsApp is testing 'Like button' and ‘Mark as Unread’ features

It seems that WhatsApp could adopt new features from its parent company, Facebook.
Last year, Facebook bought WhatsApp for US$19 billion (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL)
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Last year, Facebook bought WhatsApp for US$19 billion. Until today, these services work separately, although some rumors indicate that certain features of the social network could make its debut in the messaging app.

According to Adslzone blog,  WhatsApp is testing a new 'Like button' along with a 'Mark as Unread' feature.

The 'Like button' indicates that the company might allow users to like their friend's profile picture or could introduce this feature in group chats too.

The 'Mark has Unread' will offer users the ability to mark messages as unread.

WhatsApp currently uses blue check marks to denote read messages. The new feature will allow users to reverse the process.

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