Paulina Rubio gets in trouble on Twitter

#PAU2015 is a reference for an university entry test, and she believed it was about her.
And of course, somebody had to make an unfair joke about blondes.. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL)
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Mexican singer Paulina Rubio was subject to harsh criticism and comments on Twitter for an extreme confusion in regards of a hashtag.

According to, the singer thought that the hashtag #PAU2015 was a reference to her, but it is really about the Test for Entry to the University for 2015 (Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad 2015), which began today.

In a photograph published yesterday, Rubio used several tags as #MiNuevoVicio #newmusic #NewMusicComingSoon #summer and #PAU2015, which she had never used before.

The jokes didn't take long. "Good luck to all with the #PAU2015, but first a minute of silence for Paulina Rubio, who believed that this hashtag is for her," expressed a commentary in the social network.

"Paulina Rubio thinking that #PAU2015 is for her has made my morning. The mental retardation of blondes is for real," wrote another user.

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