Obama says will keep pushing to fix U.S. immigration system

He said that he is frustrated by the rulings stalling his plans.
'We will continue to push as hard as we can on all fronts,' Obama said. (Photo: AP)
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President Barack Obama said on Monday he is frustrated by U.S. federal court rulings that have stalled his immigration executive orders and will continue to push to fix the system.

Speaking to reporters at the G7 summit with world leaders in Germany, Obama said he expects immigration reform will be a major topic in the 2016 presidential campaign.

"We will continue to push as hard as we can on all fronts to fix a broken immigration system administratively," Obama said.

A district court judge in February blocked key provisions of Obama's executive action on immigration that would have granted an estimated 4.7 million immigrants relief from deportation. The administration has since appealed the decision and awaits a ruling in the coming months.

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