25 | ABR | 2019
The team is in good spirits on its arrival to Chile. (Photo: Imago7)

'El Tri' arrives to Chile

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The team will face Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador in the Group A.

The Mexican national soccer team arrived at the Chilean capital to participate, beginning Friday, in the Copa America 2015, that starts this Thursday with a meeting between the host and Ecuador.

The Mexican team arrived to the International Airport of Santiago on a flight from Brazil, where it lost 2-0 to the locals in a friendly match played in Sao Paulo on Sunday, as preparation for the international tournament.

Mexico, which should play in this capital, in Viña del Mar and in Rancagua, will have its center of operations in a hotel in the eastern area of the city, and will train in the premises of a local club.

On Friday, the Mexican team will face Bolivia in Viña del Mar, and then Chile in the National Stadium on June 15, ending its participation in the Group A with a face-off against Ecuador in Rancagua, on June 19.

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