'Cuau' is the new mayor of Cuernavaca, or at least he says so

He said that he 'screwed' his opponents.
Blanco claimed victory, as well as the other candidates did when they had the chance. (Photo: Taken from Twitter)
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Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, candidate for the position of mayor of Cuernavaca for the Social Democratic Party, proclaimed himself the winner of the local elections and at a press conference he declared that he "screwed" his opponents Jorge Messeger (PRD-PT) and Maricela Velázquez Sánchez (PRI-PVEM-Panal).

But the same proclamation of victory was made by Velázquez Sánchez, with between eight and ten points of advantage over Blanco.

Messeger also claimed victory but said that he will wait for the official results, and his declarations were echoed by Luis Miguel Ramírez, from the National Action Party.

Also, the special representative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, José Luis M0rquez, also claimed victory and put Blanco second, followed by Messeger.

Blanco said that he was the winner after his team had checked 25% of the ballot boxes, and called the voters to celebrate the victory in the Zócalo of Cuernavaca.

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