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Mexico falls to Brazil 2-0

A bad defense from the Mexican side took down the team.
Tardelli sealed the Brazilian victory. (Photo: Imago7)
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A lousy defensive exhibition of 'El Tri' in the first half paved the road to goals by Coutinho and Diego Tardelli, sealing the victory of the Brazilian team over the visitors from Mexico.

The Mexican team was able to confront the Brazilians in the first minutes of the game, but on the 27th minute, Phillipe Coutinho achieved the first goal for the locals, after eluding Jorge Corral and Jesús Corona, who jumped to the left and opened the way for the goal.

When it seemed that Mexico could rose from the blow struck by Coutinho, Elías eluded Rafael Márquez, and left a pass to Tardelli, who scored the final 2-0.

In the second half, 'El Tri' entered some fresh players, but was unable to get close to the locals.

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