25 | ABR | 2019
Mexico and Canada are therefore seeking an extraordinary session of the WTO's dispute settlement body on June 17 to authorize the punitive measures. (Photo: Archive/El Universal )

U.S. says Canada, Mexico trade retaliation inflated

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Mexico and Canada will seek World Trade Organization authorization to impose over US$3 billion in sanctions against U.S. exports in retaliation against contentious meat-labeling laws.

The United States will object to "substantially inflated" requests from Canada and Mexico to retaliate against U.S. goods after the two countries won a trade dispute over meat labeling, a spokesman for the U.S. Trade Representative said on Thursday.

"The United States will object to these requests at the appropriate time, referring the matter to (World Trade Organization) arbitration," spokesman Andrew Bates said in an emailed statement.

"Canada and Mexico did not provide any justification for their requests, but we would note that the annual values appear to be substantially inflated." he added. 

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