Salma recognizes her sexiness opened the gates of Hollywood

She said that at 48, it is something good to be perceived that way.
Salma was confused for being considered sexy when she began her career in the U.S. (Photo: Archivo/EL UNIVERSAL)
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Mexican actress Salma Hayek acknowledged that her sexy side opened the doors of the film industry for her.

During an interview with channel France 2, for the promotion of her new film "Tale of Tales," the actress spoke about the "sex symbol" label that she has been carrying for years.

"When I began my career I was a little confused about being a sex symbol. I dreamed of being a good actress, a talented actress. I wanted to explore new roles and characters. And my sexy side didn't bother me. But at the same time, to be honest, in my circumstances in the United States, if they have not been interested in my sexy side, I would not have been liked. It is weird because I tried it, but they did not want me."

Hayek also commented that things have changed and now, at the age of 48, she is comfortable with being perceived as a sexy woman.

"At the age of 48 I am very happy that I am considered sexy. At that age it becomes really pleasant," she said.

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