Twenty five wounded in bus rollover in Mexico

They were pilgrims on their way to a shrine in the town of Chalma.
Bad weather could have been one of the causes of the incident, according to the authorities. (Photo: SPECIAL)
Ma. Teresa Montaño
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At least 25 were injured when a truck full of pilgrims from central Mexico had a rollover on its way to the Shrine of Our Lord of Chalma, in Ocuilán, State of Mexico.

The emergency services of this city and the surrounding municipalities arrived to take care of the wounded, among them Red Cross ambulances, as well as units from the Emergency Services of the State of Mexico (SUEM) and others.

The incident happened after noon on the road to Chalma, where thousands of pilgrims gather mainly on weekends.

SUEM reported that the wounded were taken to the hospital, some of them with life-threatening injuries.

Security sources are trying to determine the causes of the rollover, but one of them could have been the bad weather in the area of the Toluca Valley.

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